Conoco's Trevino ISL

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Conoco's Trevino
Conoco's Trevino ISL

Conoco was involved in a joint venture with URI at Benavides where they gained expertise in ISL operations. Conoco had extensive background in conventional mining (open pit, and underground) but had no experience in the evolving technology of solution mining. Their first commerical project was outside Hebbronville, TX approximately 7 miles from URI's Benavides Project and it adopted the upflow IX column design that was being developed at URI's other projects. Conoco utilized electro-dialysis (ED) as their choice for purifying groundwater after mining. Other mining operations were using reverse osmosis. ED never caught on within the mining industry probably because of its initial capital cost and no clear define benefits.

The project operated between 1982 thru 1988. The mines were restored and the equipment was eventually purchased and reassembled at Crow Butte, Nebraska where it presently is owned by Cameco. The columns were 14 feet in diameter theoretically capable of processing 3,500 gpm per train (grouping of columns).