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This section contains useful spreadsheets and documents pertaining to the ISL technology. A brief description of each resource is provided. "Click" on the title to view and download. Most are written in Microsoft Word or Excel. Enjoy!!

Silt Density Index
"Good filtration doesn't have to be expensive, but bad filtration always is." This ASTM procedure describes how to measure the plugging ability of water from suspended solids.
Economic Efficiencies of ISL
A seven page report that discusses ways to run an efficient operation. Topics ranging from "efficient motors, resin poisoning, wiring, filtration,ion exchange column design,drilling, and more" are discussed.
Langelier Index Calculator
A spreadsheet calculator. Input pH, Ca, and CaCO3, and TDS to calculate whether the solution will cause encrustation (form precipitates) or acidity. The results will generate a value that tells the user how close, or how far, the solution is from the equilibrium. This is handy to know during mining or operating a reverse osmosis unit.
Wellfield Balancing
A one page summary detailing why it is important to operate a wellfield with adjacent wells in a fluid balance as oppose to operating in an unbalance state.
ISR Pattern Reserve Requirements for Today's Spot Price
A technical paper presented at the Uranium 2000 Symposium in Saskatoon, Sascatchewan (2000) detailing the ore characteristics required to be profitable as a function of multiple variables. Well spacing, operating costs, capital costs, restoration, etc...... A must have for any Production Manager, Wellfield Engineer, or Production Geologist. Provides insight into cost components and how the effect overall costs.
Alkaline Reactions
A complete listing of chemical reactions for mining under alkaline conditions.
Acid Reactions
Acid Mining chemical reactions.
Uranium Mining Links
Other Miscellaneous web sites.