In-Situ Leach Mineral Information Needs Economic Report

Feasibility Analysis
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Annual Budgeting The unique spreadsheet contains algorithms that calculate expected plant feed concentrations based on decline curve information and cut-off solution grades. Replacement wellfield scheduling, optimization of company resources, capital detail requirements are all contained within this unique, yet comprehensive computer program that has evolved over the past 20 years. Two styles of reports are easily printed out using macro technology. A very detailed report that lists expenditures by each cost category, or a more manageable executive summary that provides cost projection details based on the following grouping of categories; labor, auxiliary, environmental, well completion costs, chemicals, electrical, wellfield hardware maintenance, plant hardware maintenance, ancillary plant costs, yellowcake drying and handling, vehicle charges, and engineering.

IBM Compatible Computer, 32M RAM
Lotus 1-2-3® 97 Edition or Excel ®